4 Comments on “JEWELRY

  1. Moxie Vintage just posted a truly fab rigid metal collar and cross piece of yours, how much and how do I order it?!!! WANT!!!

  2. Hey thanks, no I live in Charlotte & want to wear that necklace for an “ecoFAB Trash Couture” runway show (I have two designs in it) next month. I discovered Moxie when I was visiting DB last month & bought 1 of your leather, plastic chain & stud bracelets. LOVE IT. I’ll buy the necklace via phone from the store & have my husband bring it back for me. He’ll be in town again nxt month for work. WOOT!!!! BTW the Charlotte Observer is doing a photo shoot with me and 1 of my runway designs on Wed & I plan to wear the bracelet. You’d love our runway looks, we also incorporate spent bullet shells along with shotgun shells & the plastic holders for soda bottle 6-packs!

    • Hello Gail!
      Oh how awesome!!! Thank you so much for supporting me! 🙂 Do you have a website I can visit to check out your work? And hopefully see the pics of your runway show!?

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